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Using Snippets in Sublime Text To Speed Up Your Development

20th February 2018

As I have got older and more mature, I have started to discover that planning and organisation really enhance every aspect of my life. During my teenage years and early twenties I prided myself on being spontaneous and pulling everything together at the last minute with little preparation. I’d like to say I’ve fully overcome…

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Useful Reusable Functions I Use in (almost) Every Meteor Application

27th August 2017

Although all the applications I work on are different in their core functionality, there are always some useful functions that I reuse in almost every Meteor application. I try my best to stick to the DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principle when I’m building applications. There are certain checks that tend to get used in most…

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How to Test if User Access has been Revoked in a Meteor Application

23rd August 2017

For a client application I recently had to build a user authentication system that allowed administrators to revoke access to certain users or groups of users. Initially I planned on handling this process using a Meteor.method() that was called when the user submitted the login form. If the method threw an error the login would…

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